For PHANTASYA Ethics was an important topic from the beginning. Respectful treatment of the environment and our employees and partners are part of our philosophy.

These topics are also important to many of our customers. Therefore, here are a few important points on the subject of ethics PHANTASYA:


An excerpt from one of the certificates we receive from our suppliers. For data protection reasons, we cannot show the complete certificate.


We hear all too often about so-called blood diamonds. Gemstones that are unearthed under undignified circumstances from dangerous mines by underpaid buddies.

Not like that PHANTASYA.
All of our diamonds are sourced from official members of the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council). You must provide us with certificates confirming that all diamonds come from conflict-free mining. This means that neither the environment nor the miners are harmed.

The 4 Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat):

In order to guarantee a good price-performance ratio for our customers, we only use diamonds with a full cut (very good), in the color range H (white) and a clarity of SI1 (small inclusions, only visible with a magnifying glass). The sizes vary.


Our internal Fine Jewelry certificate serves to confirm to our customers that the material and carat of the jewelry are correct and comply with the 4Cs mentioned above. Our customers can request an official certificate for an additional charge of 200 CHF. The jewelry is sent to a testing center, which checks and confirms our information. This process can take 5 weeks.


In order to protect the world's wild populations and prevent overexploitation, uses PHANTASYA exclusively farmed pearls.

We use a mixture of fresh and saltwater pearls.


The world's coral bleaching poses a major threat to the reef ecosystem. We at PHANTASYA We therefore refuse to use real coral. It takes many years for the reefs to recover from real coral degradation and in our opinion there is no good reason to further strain this fragile ecosystem.

That's why we only use synthetic corals. These look so similar to real coral that only trained connoisseurs will notice the difference.

In addition to the ecological benefits of synthetic corals, the jewelry that uses them is also much more affordable for our customers.

Precious metals & real stones

The strict ethical guidelines that we use for everything else apply to our precious metals and genuine stones.

Our suppliers and partners guarantee us that the raw materials used are conflict-free and environmentally conscious PHANTASYA are processed.